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Quality in Korean Rice Cakes - Taste and Nutrition - Part 3

by juseong kim 01 Apr 2024

Quality in Korean Rice Cakes - Taste and Nutrition - Part 3

In our continuous journey to uphold the highest standards of Korean cuisine, cleanliness is not just a practice; it's a promise.The cleanliness and excellence of our products reflect our conscience as a producer of food items. From the people involved in the manufacturing process to the spaces and equipment used, we strive for unparalleled cleanliness with the dedication of a family preparing food for their own. This approach, coupled with annual investments in facility and equipment maintenance, underlines our commitment to quality - a commitment reinforced by expert advice to ensure our products remain delicious and of high quality.


Quality In Korean Rice Cakes - Taste And Nutrition - Part 3


1. Incoming Material Management :

Each ingredient undergoes strict inspection upon arrival, adhering to rigorous criteria.

Our raw and auxiliary materials, selected based on years of experience, meet the quality standards required by major corporations and government agencies. Through stringent origin control and distribution inspections, we continually strive to reduce any potential defect rates.


Quality In Korean Rice Cakes - Taste And Nutrition - Part 3-2


2. Process Management :

We meticulously manage the manufacturing process according to specific processing standards for each stage.

After the inspection of materials, we daily prepare process control and hygiene status charts to prevent potential issues. These charts are personally reviewed by managers, and we seek yearly advancements through professional consultations to move forward in a more developed direction.


Quality In Korean Rice Cakes - Taste And Nutrition - Part 3-3


3. Product Management :

Only the products that pass biological hazard analyses and sensory evaluations are approved for dispatch.

We re-examine all processes and analyze components before shipment to ensure we're offering safe and high-quality food. Our commitment to continuous research and development aims to provide consumers with superior products year after year.


As we prepare to delve into hygiene practices in the final part of our series, remember that our promise of quality is not just to our products but to every family's dining table across the globe.


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