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Hygiene in Korean Rice Cakes - HACCP Facilities - Part 4 Final

by juseong kim 08 Apr 2024

Hygiene in Korean Rice Cakes - HACCP Facilities - Part 4 (Final)

In our commitment to delivering quality, hygiene stands as a cornerstone in the production of Korean rice cakes. With a mindset that we're directly handing our food to customers, we adhere to strict hygiene principles starting from the smallest detail. Our efforts are focused on preventing any possible contamination from the moment our products are made until they reach our customers' hands.


From the air we breathe to the circulation within the factory, and even our staff's attire, nothing is too small to overlook in our quest for perfection.


yopokki Hygiene in Korean Rice Cakes-Pre-Entry Hygiene Zone


1. Pre-Entry Hygiene Zone (1) :

Upon entering the facility, employees transition to sanitary footwear and remove any foreign substances on their hygiene suits and wash their hands. 

This basic hygiene procedure eliminates visible contaminants and foreign materials before entering the production area.


yopokki Hygiene in Korean Rice Cakes- Air Sanitizers


2. Air Sanitizers :

By blocking even the finest dust, we remove elements that could negatively affect our products' quality. 

The longevity and excellence of our products do not rely on preservatives but on preventing contamination at the source, thus completely blocking the proliferation of microorganisms by eliminating all infectious elements from the air.


yopokki Hygiene in Korean Rice Cakes-Pre-Entry Hygiene Zone (2)


3. Pre-Entry Hygiene Zone (2) :

Passing through a full-body disinfection chamber eliminates biological hazards, sanitizing boots and aprons. 

Everyone entering the workspace undergoes a secondary full-body disinfection, ensuring all possible external contaminants are removed.


This final chapter promises quality through rigorous hygiene management within our HACCP-certified facilities, reflecting our dedication to the highest standards of food safety and customer trust.

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