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Tteokbokki and Ramen with (Cheese Rabokki)

by juseong kim 08 Jul 2024

Tteokbokki and Ramen with (Cheese Rabokki)

Imagine combining the chewy texture of rice cakes with the slurpy delight of ramen noodles, all smothered in a rich, savory cheese. That’s Cheese Rabokki for you—a dish that’s quickly becoming a favorite among food enthusiasts in the U.S.

kinikora-Tteokbokki and Ramen with (Cheese Rabokki)


Traditionally, Korean tteokbokki comes in many varieties, but Rabokki, which includes both rice cakes and noodles, was often treated as an add-on rather than a main dish. Creating Rabokki is no small feat; it requires preparing two main ingredients and managing the associated risks in production. Recognizing this challenge, after a year of development, we've crafted a Cheese Rabokki that's begun to captivate those who try it. Initially launched in a small office canteen, the demand exploded overnight.

kinikora-Tteokbokki and Ramen with (Cheese Rabokki)-2


But why has Cheese Rabokki become particularly popular? Just this morning, a Russian friend gifted me some Edam cheese, and after trying it, I understood the universal appeal of cheese. It's beloved worldwide and adds an incredible flavor profile to any dish.

kinikora-Tteokbokki and Ramen with (Cheese Rabokki)-3


Considering the vast variety of cheeses available globally, why not explore adding different types of cheese to Rabokki? This could enhance the flavors and make the dish even more appealing.

If you have suggestions or would like to share your thoughts, please email us at Your feedback will help us refine our recipe and offerings.


Thanks to a day of new insights about cheese from a Russian friend, it’s been a great day! Hope you all have a delightful day too.



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