Korean Snack travel Kinikora!

Korean Snack travel Kinikora!

Enjoy Original and Cheese Rabokki Cups and Traditional Yakgwa.

Enjoy Original and Cheese Rabokki Cups and Traditional Yakgwa.

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Amazon Customer Sunday, Jun 11, 2023
Very different texture. Taste very good, not too sweet…it’s delicate. I saw in a Korean drama..so I tried. Definitely will buy again. I loved.
Chewy and Fresh
Monday, May 8, 2023
Out of about 5 brands of yakgwa we have purchased on Amazon, we liked these best. Not incredibly sweet but sweet enough, super chewy and fresher than the other brands we have tried. These are larger sized, too and traditionally shaped. If you like yakgwa, we think you might like these.
Best premade yakgwa on Amazon
Friday, Sept 9, 2022
It seems impossible to find decent yakgwa on Amazon. I've tried several kinds from different sellers and I always get very stale & hard cookies or cookies that are two weeks from expiring. I've now ordered from this seller 4 times and it's been very consistent so far. Always soft and pleasant taste. It will never be as good as freshly made, but that's ok. These go will with tea or coffee or as a quick snack.

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"Kinikora promotes the untapped potential of small Korean food companies. For 5 years, we've introduced Korean cuisine to the US. As large corporations started dominating, we chose to support small, quality-focused businesses. Despite their barriers in entering overseas markets, we saw opportunity. Through providing delicious, healthy snacks, we offer a taste of Korean culture, encouraging interest in Korea. Join us in celebrating the power and potential of these SMEs, and the importance of supporting local businesses."

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