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(Part 3) Yakgwa Craze! In the Joseon Dynasty, Eating It Could Result in 80 Strokes of Caning?

by juseong kim 26 Feb 2024

"Continuing from last time, let's embark on the third story with Kini!"

🍯 Recently, Yakgwa has become quite trendy!🍯

It's a traditional Korean confectionery that's sweet and delicious, widely appealing without much division in preference.
These qualities seem to have fueled its increasing popularity.

Yakgwa Craze! In the Joseon Dynasty, Eating It Could Result in 80 Strokes of Caning (Part 3)

What other traditional Korean confections are there?

There are many, from the familiar Gangjeong to the less known Sooksilgwa and Gwapyeon. Let's explore them one by one.


Gangjeong is a confection made by coating fried glutinous rice cakes with various toppings. The wider, rectangular shapes are called 'Sanja,' and the smaller ones are known as 'Gangjeong.'


Gwapyeon is a jelly-like confection made from fruit. Sour fruits like strawberries, cherries, quinces, or omija are boiled, mashed, then mixed with mung bean starch and sugar, boiled again, and set to harden.


Dasik is a sweet made from ground grains like sesame or beans, mixed with honey, then pressed into molds. These molds often have auspicious characters engraved on them and are used in ancestral rites.


Yeotgangjeong is a traditional sweet made by mixing crushed grains or nuts with syrup, then hardening it. Like Yakgwa, it is also commonly seen in modern times.


There are so many traditional Korean confections!

Most of our delicious traditional Korean sweets are high in carbohydrates, so eating them in large quantities as a snack after meals can easily lead to weight gain.

Therefore, it's best to consume them in moderation, right?


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