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(Part 2) Yakgwa Craze! In the Joseon Dynasty, Eating It Could Result in 80 Strokes of Caning?

by juseong kim 19 Feb 2024

"Continuing from last time, let's embark on the second story with Kini!"

🍯 Recently, Yakgwa has become quite trendy!🍯
It's a traditional Korean confectionery that's sweet and delicious, widely appealing without much division in preference.
These qualities seem to have fueled its increasing popularity.

 Even a prohibition against eating Yakgwa?!

(Part 2) Yakgwa Craze! In the Joseon Dynasty, Eating It Could Result in 80 Strokes of Caning

 Despite being delicious and fashionable, the people of Goryeo made and consumed a lot of Yakgwa, even though it required expensive ingredients.

As a result of excessive Yakgwa production, the country faced shortages of honey and sesame oil, leading to rising prices.

Consequently, Kings Myeongjong and Gongmin of the Goryeo Dynasty prohibited the making of Yakgwa through a legal decree.

According to the 'Goryeosa' (History of Goryeo), these bans were issued in the 22nd year of King Myeongjong (1192) and the 2nd year of King Gongmin (1353).

Did the popularity of Yakgwa stop in the Goryeo Dynasty?
No, it continued into the Joseon Dynasty. Yakgwa was widely popular even among commoners and was often made in large quantities for special occasions.

This led to another ban, and during King Jeongjo's reign, as recorded in 'Daejeon Tongpaeon,' civilians using Yumilgwa (another name for Yakgwa) for weddings or funerals could face 80 strokes of caning. It became a food to be cautious with during festivals.

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