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Meet KINI: The Alpaca Championing Korean Delicacies in the U.S.!

by juseong kim 19 Dec 2023

Meet KINI: The Alpaca Championing


Korean Delicacies in the U.S.!




Hey, foodie friends!

Have you ever craved something spicy, chewy, and utterly satisfying? Well, let me introduce you to the latest craze hitting the American shores – the RABOKKI CUP by KINIKORA! It’s a tantalizing blend of rice cakes and noodles, all drenched in a spicy Gochujang sauce that will have your taste buds dancing.

But wait, it's not just the taste that's capturing hearts; it's also the adorable alpaca, KINI, gracing the cup’s packaging. This isn’t just any mascot – KINI represents the meticulous effort and passion poured into every cup, ensuring it meets the stringent export regulations of the U.S. without losing its Korean essence.




KINI, with its chef’s hat and a friendly smile, is more than a cute face. It’s a symbol of the cultural bridge KINIKORA is building, bringing the best of Korean flavors to the American table. Each detail, down to the twinkle in KINI’s eyes, is crafted to convey a mix of fun and quality.


korean snacks-Meet-KINI-The-Alpaca-Championing-Korean-Delicacies-in-the-U.S


 As KINIKORA’s RABOKKI CUP makes its way from the bustling streets of Korea to the melting pot of the U.S., KINI stands as a beacon of growth, a promise of excellence from Korean small and medium-sized businesses.

So, next time you're on the lookout for a quick, delicious meal, grab a RABOKKI CUP. Not only will you be treating yourself to a delectable snack, but you’ll also be supporting an international friendship – all thanks to a friendly alpaca named KINI.

Bon Appétit, or as they say in Korea, 맛있게 드세요!



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